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What's new at fallingrocks.org
January 12, 2003 – Site Revamp #2

Beginning another revamp of the style of this website, to get rid of frames and to make the site simpler to maintain for me. I think it looks a whole lot better now.

The site now makes use of a whole lotta' CSS but depends on custom images for navigation a lot less.

I'm also in the process of expanding my Recipe section, to put some of my favorites up.

July 5, 2000 – The [New] Vic

OK, so I haven't been updating the main site regularly. I've added a new sub-site to allow friends and family (and whosever else might be interested) to track our progress as Kris & I build our new home. Check it out!

January 4, 1999 – Site Revamp #1

Updated the whole site. Everything is new, except for the OT/PPP Strip pages. Only an introduction to Falling Rock Central is here now, more will come later.

Temporarily closed the Troop 46 home page area, as the info was mostly outdated. A revamped version should be up in a week or three.


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