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Welcome to my little corner of the universe. Just looking for the new stuff? Click here.

This site contains everything that one might expect of your average home page, plus links to my freeware, shareware, and other sundry items that may be useful to everyone or no one. It also provides me with a handy-dandy location to futz around with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the rest of the silliness involved in assembling web pages, so don't be terribly surprised if one of the more obscure links isn't functional at the moment. The Software links, however, should always be operational, so if you happen across something in there that isn't, please let me know!

Please feel free to have a look around the site. The Egotism section has a little information on my personal and professional life, including sections on my hobbies; Friends and Family is just what it sounds like; and the Software section contains info on my free- and shareware software, as well as links to software I currently work on.

Watch for Falling Rocks!

NOTE: I haven't got this entire site up and running just yet (I've been busy with this one), but you can take a look at the old version of this site which is a lot outdated but a little more complete.